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Centre de santé équilibre de vie

Multidisciplinary centre for massage therapy, osteopathy, naturopathy, reflexology, reiki

Holistic Services in Granby

You deserve a happier, more balanced life. Come and experience the holistic services offered by the Centre De Santé Équilibre De Vie in Granby. You'll be welcomed by passionate therapists who care about people's well-being.

Our holistic services for physical, mental, emotional and energetic balance improvements.

Welcome to our health center, where a holistic approach to physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual healing takes center stage.

Your path to well-being begins at our holistic therapy center in Granby.

Hypnotherapy Granby

What sets us apart :

Great Location

A welcoming, soothing space, ideally located in Granby, Quebec, offering easy access to local residents as well as those from neighboring towns.

Personalized Holistic Approach

We take a personalized, holistic approach to understanding and addressing each client's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

Natural and Alternative Therapies

A full range of natural and alternative therapies to promote integral well-being: massage therapy, naturopathy, hypnotherapy and more.

Training and Coaching

We offer training and coaching programs, enabling you to explore and deepen your understanding of holistic approaches.

Our holistic services

Under one roof, we offer a range of services based on a personalized holistic approach to enhance your overall well-being :

  • Hypnotherapy : free yourself from mental tension and explore your subconscious to promote healing and personal fulfillment.
  • Naturopathy: balance your body naturally using holistic approaches based on natural methods.
  • Massage therapy : undo stress knots and promote deep relaxation with targeted massage techniques.
  • Holistic therapy : address physical, emotional and energetic issues to restore inner and outer harmony.

Each consultation is unique, adapted to the specific needs, means, pace and circumstances of each individual.

Massage Therapy Granby


Comprehensive training to become a holistic therapist in Granby

If you're interested in becoming a holistic therapist, there are many options available to you at Centre De Santé Équilibre De Vie :

  • Hypnotherapy training: you'll discover the fundamental principles of hypnotherapy to help others access their inner potential.
  • Naturopathy training: courses on natural methods of healing and well-being.
  • Massage therapy training: ideal for mastering the art of therapeutic massage to relieve stress and tension.
  • Holistic therapy training: explore comprehensive approaches to holistic, all-encompassing healing.

Holistic care experts accompany you on your learning journey

Naturopathy Granby

We look forward to meeting you soon.

The Centre De Santé Équilibre De Vie team supports you on your path to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Experienced therapists in Granby

Courses are taught by experienced therapists such as Sabrina, a qualified reflexologist and massage therapist, Caroline Lavallée, a Reiki master, and Marie Claire Boutin, a specialist in naturopathy, massage therapy and reflexology.

These passionate experts will guide you on your journey to becoming an accomplished holistic practitioner.

You'll be welcomed by passionate holistic therapists using a diverse range of modalities.

Massage Therapy Granby

Section dedicated to the owner

I am Marie-Claire Boutin, owner of Centre De Santé Équilibre De Vie.

It is with great pleasure that I offer you my expertise as a :

  • Naturopath
  • Human relations coach
  • Psycho-practitioner
  • ntuitive coach
  • Responsible for guidance in teaching at the academy
  • PsiO Ambassador (light therapy and relaxation therapy sessions): 450-775-421

I am deeply passionate about helping people to grow personally and improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I began my career in the wellness profession in 2008, and since then, I've taken numerous training courses to improve my skills and better support my clients.

My ultimate goal is to guide everyone towards a better version of themselves, fostering a deep connection with their inner selves and enabling them to confidently spread their wings.

Over time, I've accumulated a wealth of tools and techniques that I'm particularly fond of. Helping others has always been a part of me, and this desire has only grown stronger since I became a mother to six wonderful children and grandmother to seven grandchildren.

There's nothing more enriching than sharing and genuine love from the heart, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to positively impact people's lives.

Massage Therapy Granby