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Holistic Reiki therapy in Granby

Explore the harmonious union between body and mind through Reiki sessions at our holistic therapy clinic in Granby.

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Holistic Reiki therapy clinic in Granby

Reiki is an energy treatment of Japanese origin used by holistic therapists to treat physical ailments (headaches, muscular pain, intestinal problems...), emotional ailments (fatigue, stress, malaise...) and spiritual ailments (anguish, anxiety, addiction...).

Gentle and soothing, Reiki sessions at our center aim to treat various ailments by harmonizing the body's energy centers, promoting deep relaxation and vitality.

Reiki: a complete holistic therapy to relieve your physical, emotional and spiritual ailments

Reiki Holistic Therapy Granby
Our Services
  • Hypnosis
  • Naturopathy
  • Massage therapy
  • Holistic therapy
  • Energy care
Our Training
  • Hypnosis training
  • Naturopathy training
  • Massage therapy training
  • Holistic therapy training
Our Benefits
  • Easy-to-reach center
  • Personalized holistic approach
  • Natural and alternative therapies
  • Training and support
How To Find Us ?
  • Our center is ideally located in Granby, Quebec, offering easy access to residents of the region and surrounding towns.

Passionate Reiki therapists

The search for well-being and fulfillment is a personal task, but one that can be initiated by a Reiki therapist.

In our clinic, you'll be welcomed by Caroline Lavalée, our experienced Reiki master, and passionate therapist Josie Ouellet.

Thanks to the guidance of our caring therapists, you'll easily learn to manage your emotions and stress.

To satisfy your curiosity, we also invite you to enroll in our holistic therapy and naturopathy training.

Our center also offers training in holistic Reiki therapy.

Reiki Treatment Granby