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Massage Therapy Training in Granby

Centre De Santé Équilibre De Vie in Granby is known for the quality of its massage therapy training.

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Massage therapy academic school in Granby

Discover a rewarding career opportunity at our academic massage therapy school. We offer a complete educational experience that begins with an introductory program to master the various relaxation massage techniques.

During the course, participants will also learn to :

  • perform Swedish massages + the basis of different maneuver techniques such as cranio sacral base, low reflexology, lymphatic drainage and holistic energy treatment;
  • personalize massage treatments using aromatherapy;
  • master maneuvers applied to muscles (effleurage, kneading, percussion, friction, etc.) to promote blood circulation and release muscular tension.

Thanks to our comprehensive course program, you'll quickly learn the various massage therapy techniques.

Massage Therapy Training Granby
Our Services
  • Hypnosis
  • Naturopathy
  • Massage therapy
  • Holistic therapy
  • Energy care
Our Training
  • Hypnosis training
  • Naturopathy training
  • Massage therapy training
  • Holistic therapy training
Our Benefits
  • Easy-to-reach center
  • Personalized holistic approach
  • Natural and alternative therapies
  • Training and support
How To Find Us ?
  • Our center is ideally located in Granby, Quebec, offering easy access to residents of the region and surrounding towns.

Massage therapy training by accredited specialists

When you join our academic massage therapy school, you'll be trained by therapists accredited by the RMQ (Regroupement des massothérapeute du Québec), the ANQ (Association des Naturopathes du Québec) and the ANPQ (Association des Naturopathes Professionnels du Québec). You'll take part in supervised clinical-school internships.

We also offer training in hypnotherapy and holistic therapy

We train not only massage therapists, but also hypnotherapists.

Massage Therapist Training Granby