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Energy Therapies – Granby

Access Bars and Reiki: a profound energetic journey

Centre De Santé Équilibre De Vie offers energy treatments that can lead to a profound journey of healing and rebalancing. One such approach is Access Bars, which has fascinating origins and holistic benefits.

This energy healing method focuses on specific points on the head known as "Bars". By releasing accumulated electromagnetic charges from these points, Access Bars can help deprogram limiting thought patterns, promoting energetic and mental liberation.

Similarly, Reiki is an energy treatment of Japanese origin that channels universal energy to restore physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Reiki sessions are gentle and soothing and aim to treat various ailments by harmonizing the body's energy centers, thus promoting deep relaxation and vitality.

Holistic therapy Granby

Reflexology: energy and balance through the extremities

Reflexology is a unique approach to restoring the body's energetic balance by treating the feet, hands and ears as mirrors of the body.

It stimulates reflex points to encourage energy circulation, which goes beyond relaxation and offers various health benefits.

Reflexology aims to relieve stress, improve sleep quality, boost the immune system and promote overall harmony.

As the feet, hands, and ears provide access points to specific body systems, reflexology sessions offer a soothing experience that contributes to energy balance and overall well-being.

Massage Therapy Granby