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Caroline Lavallée – Granby

Caroline Lavalée's transformative journey as a Reiki Master

Caroline Lavalée is a trained Reiki Master who has undergone a profound personal transformation through this energy discipline. After just three sessions, she made a significant change in her life by freeing herself from her antidepressants and rediscovering a long-ignored joy of living.

The experience gave her a sense of lightness and serenity that she hadn't felt for months and helped her reconnect more with herself without relying on medication.

This revelation awakened in her a desire to share this source of well-being with others, leading her to train to provide care to those in need.

Caroline considers Reiki to be an essential part of her life. She is committed to the well-being of others and is grateful for being able to offer loving and caring treatments to those seeking them.

Hypnotherapy Granby

Caroline Lavalée's Beneficial Mission as a Reiki Therapist

Caroline Lavalée is dedicated to the mission of Reiki and is fully committed to its benefits. She strongly believes in the positive impact of this practice on people's lives. Caroline completed her training with great determination and is passionate about passing on the essence of what profoundly changed her life.

With a deep conviction in the healing power of Reiki, Caroline devotes herself to providing treatments that bring about essential energetic balance. She offers her treatments with love and kindness and aspires to share this source of positive transformation with those seeking physical and emotional well-being.

Mobile : 450-830-1576

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On her Facebook page,Caroline shares her experience and connects with her online community, reflecting her unwavering commitment to Reiki.